Reiki Shakes Up Your Chakras

Nepal bells ring, hovering over your body at the hands of Dixie Madden. Madden, a local Reiki practitioner, subtly lets your body know she is about to get to work balancing your bio field.
The nearly-90-year-old energy healing method created by a Japanese Buddhist, claims to help the body heal naturally and offer stress relief through holistic means. Reiki has no religious affiliation. It focuses on harmony.
Through palm healing, the Reiki practitioner channels universal energy through his or herself into the client by activating the natural healing process with a subtle manipulation of chakras. With circular motions, the energy starts flowing. Reiki may help with symptoms such as pain, anxiety and fatigue.
The chakra massage activates the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restores physical and emotional wellness. Through manipulation of a person’s energy and lightly laying hands on the person, one’s universal life force, chi, is strengthened. – Read full Article